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When is the best time to shop for electricity in Texas?

By powerwizard

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your electricity provider. As long as the lights stay on and your monthly bill isn’t too high, electricity may feel like a fact of life rather than something you can comparison shop for. That can leave you confused about what to do if your electricity bill starts to shoot up. So, when is the best time to shop for electricity in Texas?

You have the right to shop for electricity in Texas, but it’s not always clear how or when to do so. That’s where Power Wizard can help.

With Power Wizard, you can find the best rates for electricity in Texas in seconds. However, the best rates can vary, so here’s what you need to know about when and how to shop for electricity and how to find the best possible rates for your next contract.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start savings

How timing affects how you shop for electricity in Texas

One of the most critical elements affecting how you shop for electricity in Texas is timing. Time of year and other timing trends can make all the difference in electricity prices. Here are three ways that the time when you choose to switch can affect how much it costs to select a new energy provider in Texas.

Hot summers increase the demand for electricity

Summer is by far the time with the highest demand for electricity in Texas. Hot summers lead to homes and businesses running their AC units at full blast as people try to beat the heat. All of that air conditioning takes a lot of electricity to run. Higher electricity usage levels create more demand resulting in a dramatically higher price per kilowatt.

If you’re shopping for a new electricity provider in the summer, you should expect to see higher rates on average. You’ll need to do more research to find affordable electrical prices, especially if you’re considering long-term utility contracts.

The energy market fluctuates

Seasons aren’t the only thing that can impact the prices you see as you learn how to shop for electricity in Texas. The cost of electricity is based on the energy market. Disruptions or additions to the energy marketplace can cause prices to fluctuate significantly.

For instance, new wind and solar farms can cause local electricity prices to drop since more electricity can be generated. On the other hand, locations that rely on natural gas, coal, or oil for electricity can see prices rise if any of those sources are interrupted.

For instance, oil spills, pipeline leaks, or international struggles can all make electricity prices rise. Even forces like inflation and the stock market can push prices up or down.

These fluctuations are much harder to predict than seasonal changes. If it seems like energy costs are much higher or lower than you expect, it might be because there are external pressures on Texas electricity providers.

Your contract expiration can impact your need to switch

On a personal level, the timing of your current utility contract’s expiration date can significantly impact the rates you’ll receive on your next contract. You can’t control when your contract is set to expire. If that expiration deadline is why you’re starting to shop for electricity in Texas, you have a limited window to find better rates.

If your contract expires in the winter, you’re probably going to see better rates than you will during the summer. Similarly, you’ll probably see better rates if the contract expires right after a new electrical plant opens compared to right after an oil leak.

Consider using different term lengths to move your contract expiration to the winter months.  That’s why it’s best to learn how to shop for electricity long before your current contract expires. You can spot better rates and potentially end your previous contract early to lock in lower prices for the following year.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start savings

When should you shop for electricity in Texas?

So when should you start shopping for new energy providers? As soon as you’re dissatisfied with your current one.

Under Texas’s energy choice laws, you can shop for a new electricity provider whenever you want. The three best times to look for a new electricity provider are when:

  • Your current provider is attempting to raise rates. You don’t owe your electricity provider any loyalty. Remember, they’re providing you a service, not the other way around. If your bills are skyrocketing for no apparent reason, it’s time to say goodbye.
  • You’ve shopped around and found a better provider. If you’ve seen electrical company billboards, you might have gotten curious and done a little digging into other providers. Even if your current electricity rates are fine, there’s a good chance that other companies offer lower prices. You might as well switch and save yourself some extra money each month.
  • It’s an off-peak season, and rates are lower across the board. It never hurts to double-check that you’re getting the absolute best deal on something you use every day. If it’s an off-peak season, you can check out different electricity rates, and you might find that prices across the board are low enough to make switching worthwhile.

How you can navigate switching electricity providers during peak times

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid switching electricity providers during peak times. That can leave you struggling to choose between high rates and confusing plans just when you need electricity the most. You can simplify the process of switching providers by taking a few simple steps.

Utilize services like Power Wizard to find the lowest rate

Energy companies know that you’re probably not an expert in contract law and finance. That’s why they hide extra costs like termination fees, delivery charges, and other upcharges in their contracts’ fine print. An electricity plan that looks perfectly acceptable upfront may actually increase your electric bills if you don’t do your research.

That’s why you should use a service like Power Wizard to compare plans for you. With Power Wizard, all of those little hidden fees are displayed upfront. You’ll get a clear view of the actual energy charges you’ll pay with each provider, so you can choose the plan that will truly cost you the least, even during peak times.

Identify online resources to educate yourself on the electricity market

Understanding the energy marketplace is key to successfully securing a lower rate. Educating yourself on how it works and how electricity utility agreements operate will help you avoid overpaying or getting trapped in predatory contracts.

The best way to educate yourself on these subjects is by finding a trustworthy online resource. You can check out Power Wizard’s Power Lab to find resources about how contracts work, how energy companies set their rates, and more.

Be prepared for challenges you might face with retail electricity providers

Energy providers don’t want to lose customers right when they’re making the most money off of them. If you have to shop for electricity in Texas during peak times, expect your provider to try to fight back.

However, you can get help with switching to a new electricity company despite any barriers your current provider puts up. Power Wizard will handle the entire process of switching to a new provider for you. This means you’ll get a new, lower electricity rate without the hassle or stress.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start savings

Find the lowest electricity rates today

If you need to find a new electricity provider, you don’t need to go in blind. Instead, you can work with Power Wizard to shop for electricity in Texas and find the lowest energy rates available.

Whether you’re trying to switch during a peak season or just planning for the future, Power Wizard makes it easy to find the lowest Texas electricity rates and avoid falling for energy providers’ gimmicks.

If you still have questions, you can learn more about how Power Wizard works to provide you with the best energy plans in seconds. Otherwise, you can use the Power Wizard Calculator to start shopping for the best electricity rates in Texas today.

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