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How Do I Shop for Electricity in Texas?

By Adam Newton

Take Charge of Your Energy Choice

Shopping for electricity in Texas can be a challenge. Even if you’ve lived in the Lone Star State for your entire life. It seems like a new retail electricity provider (REP) pops up every other month or so. And if billboards, commercials, and online advertising are any indication, the big energy companies roll out a new plan every other day.

With all of those companies and offers competing for your attention, how are you supposed to make sense of it all? You just want a plan you can understand with a decent rate per kilowatt-hour that ensures you have a manageable electricity bill every month (even in summer). Instead, shopping for electricity in Texas feels like online dating. There are so many choices telling you only what’s great about them, even though you know there are a bevy of bad habits just waiting to be revealed.

Why does it have to be so hard?

The Top Three Methods for Shopping for Texas Electricity

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be – if you know where to start. Top Texas electricity consumers typically use one of these three strategies when choosing the electricity plan that’s right for them.

#1 Go to Each Retail Electricity Provider Website

Some people think you can get a better deal directly shopping on a given electricity company’s website. It makes sense in theory – the REP doesn’t have to pay a third-party comparison site to display their plans, so they can charge consumers less. But it’s just not true in practice.

Even worse, it’s difficult to know where to start your search. Which suppliers do you pick? Do you only consider the providers with enough money to do major advertising? How do you even learn about the smaller ones? In the end, with dozens of energy companies and well over 1000 plans from which to choose, picking the best plan is like throwing darts blindfolded. The challenge is your dart is a toothpick and the dartboard is the roof of the Astrodome.

#2 Go to a Comparison Site

Many experienced energy customers use comparison sites as their “go-to” place when shopping. They seem like a great place to see lots of plans in one place. This also makes sense in theory: you don’t have time to visit each of those websites to see the offers. Hence, a comparison site gives you a complete rundown of all your options in one fell swoop.

Here’s the problem with that approach. Most comparison sites are actually paid by the energy company for any plan you sign up for. As in, those energy companies are their real customers, not you. This means you can’t really be sure you’re seeing the right plan for you. You could be seeing only a sampling of plans that energy company wants to market at that very moment. You will never see all of their plans.

And once again, you’re back to being overwhelmed with options! Sure, some of those comparison sites offer filters that allegedly help you make your choice, but you might also be using the wrong filters, which means you’re seeing the wrong plans. You might think you’re shrinking the size of the dartboard, but you could just be creating the wrong dartboard for your needs.

#3 Go to an Energy Shopping Site

To counter those first two methods, Texas is seeing a rise in a new type of energy shopping site. These sites actually do in-depth analysis to match your unique energy usage to the best plan available on the market. Some even employ advanced technology to parse the plans based upon an enhanced understanding of what’s right for your needs.

And unlike those more well-known comparison sites, these new shopping sites are subscription services that actually work for you, the customer, instead of paying the energy companies when you sign up. Imagine that!

The Choice is Yours

Admittedly, everyone has different preferences and tendencies for how they shop for energy. It typically depends on how much time you have, your knowledge of the Texas energy industry, and exactly what sort of energy plans most interest you. What matters is that you have the power to choose what the electricity plan you want in Texas. It’s important you put that choice to work on your behalf.

That’s exactly why Power Wizard was created. Instead of surfing across multiple REP websites and their associated comparison websites on your own time, vainly searching for that perfect (elusive) electricity plan, our service does it for you! For only $8 a month, our artificial intelligence scours more plans and REPs than the other comparison sites and then compares it to the energy usage data you provide us. The result is the plan our platform feels will deliver maximum savings to you!

Even after you find the plan that’s right for you, Power Wizard will keep searching available plans on the market to see if something better comes along. So, if you don’t feel like you’re saving enough or you want to save even more, you can switch to the better plan our technology found for you. Even more – if you don’t save over $8 a month on the plan our service selected for you, we’ll refund that month’s subscription fee.

Think of Power Wizard as being in your corner. Our service finds the best electricity plan to suit your energy usage profile, though you still retain the power to do what you feel is best for your lifestyle and budget.

Ready to see what you can save?

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